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WYC’s Bunny Goblet is a “Valley Girl” in T&C

In Town & Country’s April issue, the in-book Weddings section includes a feature entitled “Valley Girls” about lily of the valley flowers and their connection to royalty.  Most recently seen at a royal wedding in Kate Middleton’s bouquet, these flowers have a legendary status that is centuries-old.  Lilies of the valley are timelessly elegant, and symbolize “the return of happiness, purity, and sweetness”.

Lilies of the valley are incorporated in William Yeoward Crystal’s Bunny pattern.  Seen on the Bunny Goblet in this feature, the Bunny pattern is also available in other stemware, barware and on vases – click HERE to see these items.  The symbolic history of this flower makes Bunny a perfect pattern for a bride’s registry, or for anyone wanting to bring back Spring!

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