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Pieces from WYC help create “Southern Comfort” in Veranda

The November/December issue of Veranda features a festive interior by Tammy Connor, a talented designer who splits her time between Charleston, SC and Birmingham, AL. Tammy’s office/studio in Birmingham does double-duty as a pied-a-terre.  Thus, Tammy and her staff are used to stashing away fabric and wallpaper samples, so they can break out the decorations and set up a buffet or two with lovely nibbles and cocktails.


In this story, Tammy utilizes a traditional palette of green and red, incorporating tried-and-true classics such as magnolia garlands and paperwhites.  But she uses some unexpected items to add to the fun: tulips and roses in an orangey-red, pieces of red coral, and a bouquet of rosemary.


Items from William Yeoward Crystal appear throughout this story, including the Harlequine Centerpiece (used cleverly as a Champagne cooler) and Roxie Pitcher on one buffet, an Inez Magnum Carafe and Amelia Decanter on another buffet adorned with a magnolia garland trailing to the floor, a Carmen Clear Lamp and Corinne Large Wine Tumblers on the dining table, and a Pippa Vase on the dessert table.  “Oh what fun” it is to be a part of this pretty and inviting setting!

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