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Palmrya Atoll featured on NBC’s Dateline!

We were excited to see that the Palmyra Atoll was recently featured on NBC’s Dateline!   Harry Smith and a small crew traveled to this island, where television crews had never filmed before.  While filming, they more than quadrupled the normal human population of the island (which is typically just four people)!  Rats and other invasive species have carefully been removed from the atoll, leaving only indigenous species of birds, crabs, fish and coral to thrive.

William Yeoward Crystal recently donated a portion of the sales of our American Bar Collection’s Palymra pattern to The Nature Conservancy, to support ongoing marine conservation research on the Palmyra Atoll.

Here’s more from NBCNews.com about this story:

“Harry Smith takes us to a Pacific island so protected and pristine that TV news cameras have never been there and so fragile that he and his team had to rid their clothes of invasive microbes by sealing and freezing them before setting foot on its shores. It’s called Palmyra, it’s in the Pacific a thousand miles from Hawaii.”

“It’s is a living laboratory that showcases how life blossoms when man’s influence is kept at bay. Harry and his cameras dive right in, exploring threatened coral reefs, documenting rare creatures and sealife, and meeting the scientists who hope the secrets they find there will help heal the earth.”

See an edited version of this story HERE.  Or if you prefer to see a more in-depth version, click HERE and scroll 16:30 into the episode.

Photo credits:  NBC and Andrew Wright.

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