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Natasha & Maggie from William Yeoward Crystal are “Invaluable” in T&C

Town & Country included our Natasha Bottle Carafe from the Crystal Collection and Maggie Amber Goblet from the Country Collection, used in a novel manner in their “Invaluable” feature in the May issue.  Always on the back page and always featuring a dramatic, thematic pictorial story, “Invaluable” shows off luxe goods, usually with copy that is firmly tongue-in-cheek.   This month is no exception, with a mysterious setting evoking “the ephemeral waft of perfume”.  There’s our Natasha Carafe on its side… maybe it held some exotic oil that is now pouring out.  And behind it is the Maggie Amber Goblet… perhaps the perfumer drank a bit of wine while crafting his or her fragrances.  At any rate, both of these items would be perfectly at home in a more conventional setting, such as your dining table or bar!

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