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More WYC in Food & Wine’s Cocktails 2013

I was recently waiting in line at the supermarket, and I grabbed one of F & W’s Cocktails 2013 books off the news stand to brag to my friend about how great our glasses look in this book (thanks to the fab photography by Lucas Allen and saucy styling by Suzie Myers & co. from F & W).  I suddenly realized that I had missed one of the best images of all – our Vita Tall Cocktail Coupe in Amethyst holding the Captain Cocktail!

A little red onion always spices things up!  A colorful cocktail has even more “pop” in a vibrant glass with a unique shape.  Our Vita Amethyst Coupe definitely fits the bill!

The Vita Tall Cocktail Coupe comes in the four jewel-tone colors as seen below: Blue, Amethyst, Rose and Green.  Buying them all means four times the fun!

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