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Introducing the American Bar collection

Here is a sneak peak at a new collection of mouth-blown glass from William Yeoward Crystal called American Bar!  

(Below – Dakota barware)

This collection evokes the Roaring ‘20’s and the era of Prohibition that followed, when many of the most brilliant American bartenders set up shop in European cities, including at the Savoy Hotel’s ‘The American Bar’ in London.   In fact, many other chic hotel bars of that period in cities like London and Paris were known as “American bars”. 

(Below:  Lillian cocktail/champagne glass and cocktail jug)

Named after famous actresses of the era such as Lillian Gish and Marlene Deitrich, this collection reflects the glamour of this by-gone era.  These glasses and barware pieces make you want to have a couple cocktails and cut a rug!

(Below – Corinne stemware)

At prices ranging from $21 – $150, the American Bar collection is both appealing and affordable!

(Below – Greta stemware)

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