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Going up “scale” with Athena in NY Spaces

William Yeoward Crystal’s Athena Champagne Jug is featured in the “scale” section of ”The Goods”, a semiannual issue of NY Spaces geared toward design professionals. ”Scale” is all about items that are unusually big or small, short or tall, etc. In the Athena Jug’s case, it’s all about being tall, lean and extraordinarily elegant!

In addition to being a strikingly beautiful piece of craftsmanship, the Athena Champagne Jug also serves a practical purpose. In the 19th Century, it became common practice in England to decant Champagne to allow a bit of the effervescence to dissipate prior to serving the bubbly. Due to its tall, narrow shape, the Athena Jug allows for a little, but not too much, dissipation to occur.

Not just for Champagne, the Athena Jug is perfect for serving colorful cocktails with dramatic flair. Pictured is a photo of an Athena Jug dressed up with a red cocktail for the Christmas season (from December 2011 issue, Southern Lady), but it could just as easily be used to serve colorful margaritas or cosmos in the summer!

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