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Fanny dines al fresco at Elizabeth Locke’s “Castle” in Veranda

Elizabeth Locke (who is known for her lovely handmade jewelry inspired by classical Rome) and her husband John Staelin’s stately second home is featured in the May-June issue of Veranda. Dubbed “The Castle” by local residents, this Beaufort, SC home is steeped in history.  It was built on the cusp of the Civil War by Dr. Joseph Johnson, who was one of the few residents able to buy back his home after the war because he had the presence of mind to bury the family silver under the floor of an outbuilding just before the home was confiscated to be used as a hospital.  But the history (or legend) surrounding the house goes back even further – it is said to be haunted by a 16th-Century French jester named Gauche.

The house itself has incredible character.  It has an extraordinary facade (it is modeled after an English manor), sweeping staircases, and grand porches.    Elizabeth and John regularly host dinners out on the porch for friends they’ve made in their adopted neighborhood, bringing brilliant dahlias from their Virginia home to add color to the setting.  The setting for one such party, as pictured in the article, includes our Fanny Green Goblets and Fanny Footed OF Tumblers, both from the Country Collection.  The green of the goblets adds additional color to the festive setting, and the simple yet elegant design of both the goblets and tumblers work perfectly in the rustic setting.  So inviting!!!

There are many pieces in other colors and/or shapes offered in Fanny – see them HERE.

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