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Cover story: WY Crystal’s new Azzura advert

We are thrilled to introduce the stunning new Azzura pattern of Centerpieces, Bowls and Vases!  You can find our new advertisement on the inside back cover of the May-June issue of Veranda and on the back cover of flower.  The gorgeous limited edition Azzura pieces are made entirely by hand – the vertical prism cuts and circular mirror cuts combine to create a fantastic optical effect!  These pieces are also grand in scale, ranging from 10″ to 21″ in height.  Perfect for making a statement on a console table, dining table or buffet.  The Centerpiece Bowl shown in the advert is 10″ tall and 14″ wide.  Also shown here are the Centerpiece Bowl with Pedestal and the Prestige Vase in the larger of two sizes.

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  1. Gale A. Sinclair
    21/05/16    8:51 am

    The new Azzura is the most beautiful crystal I have ever seen.I love the two colors of glass and the cutting and polishing which lets the light do wonderful things.

    The bowl would be a wonderful piece to own and cherish but, unfortunately, it is out of my price range. I do appreciate the beauty of the piece and envy those who can afford to have it to look at daily.

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