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A glitzy, ritzy night at “21” with Bloomingdales and WYC

Bloomingdale’s 59th Street hosted a Registry event at the 21 Club near the end of April. Gatsby was the theme, and there was lots of glamour and glitz on the table!

From the William Yeoward Crystal collection, below is the Annette Vase filled with crabapple blossoms and calla lilies, which made for a striking centerpiece.


Annette, pictured below in the 16” height, also comes in 14” and 18” sizes.


Below is the pretty Corinne Champagne Coupe filled with pink Champagne.  Notice how the light catches the vertical optic pattern, creating lovely shadows on the table.  How glamourous!


Here is the Corinne Coupe, accompanied by the Corinne Martini and Corinne Hollow Flute.  There are many stemware and barware glasses to choose from in the Corinne pattern – see more here!  They are all part of William Yeoward Crystal’s beautiful yet affordable American Bar collection.


Finally, here are our Callista Decanter and Kathleen Bottle Stand, which is used here as a snack dish.  Both pieces are part of the Crystal collection.  They look so pretty together on that mirrored tray!


Below is the Kathleen Bottle Stand by itself.  These stands are traditionally used to hold a bottle, but the Kathleen Stand was used in a novel way at this event.


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